Sochitel’s Kemal Ercelik UKFast Case Study

Sochitel’s Kemal Ercelik UKFast Case Study

Tell us about Sochitel and your role within it
“I’m head of IT for telecommunications company Sochitel. We’ve connected a network called MTN in 21 countries, which we’re hoping to expand. We are similar to ezetop and TransferTo but we have a closer relationship with our operators, helping them to get create strategies to get customers on board and develop innovations to drive the mobile industry forward. From where we started to where we are now has been an incredible journey and it’s only getting better.”

How important are the partners you choose for your business?
“Very important. Not only do we have to ensure we can build a relationship with them on a personal and business level, we also need to know we can contact them at any time, any day. For us weekends don’t exist, so when we choose our partners we want to make sure they will benefit us, and us them.”

Why were you looking to change your hosting provider?
“In the beginning we had network issues with our previous hosting provider. We were experiencing downtime an average of 3-4 times a month. We had heard the UKFast name from a few people but we also researched other companies. Having done this we felt comfortable choosing UKFast. Coupled with the website and testimonials from other clients, we were convinced to take the jump.”

How did the UKFast team support you when setting up your solution?
“Once we made that jump to UKFast it was brilliant. Our account manager Robert called us straight away to introduce himself and ask about our solution and what we needed to set up. He reassured us that we wouldn’t have the same problems we had had in the past.
“A month down the line everything still looked good. The integration was smooth, the servers were set up within a day and other solutions were added to improve the service. Our account manager made recommendations, which was great. You want to know your technology provider is up to date and I was really happy with the information he gave me.
“We’ve been with UKFast now for two years and we haven’t had a problem, no downtime issues.”

Have there been any issues with your solution? If so, how have these been resolved?
“A few months back we had a port scan on one of our servers. We got a call at 3am from UKFast alerting us within minutes of the scan, before I or my team were aware of it. The great thing was, not only did they make me aware of the issue but they also blocked the attack.”

What do you have hosted with UKFast?
“We have three servers hosted with UKFast and a VPN router which has 21 countries connected to it. Each server has platforms with individual purposes. UKFast covers every aspect of our IT requirement.”

How important is your hosted solution to your business?
“Very important. If any of the servers were to go down it would be devastating for us because we average 100 transactions a second. We’ve been with UKFast for over two years now and haven’t had a single incident of downtime. This is the most crucial thing for any company.”

Has your hosted solution had an impact on your business?
“If we wanted to expand to 100 networks tomorrow, we know that we would have no issues with UKFast’s capabilities. The impact has been great and we now feel our potential is limitless. With our previous hosted solution I wasn’t sure it could cope if we wanted to increase the traffic. After two years with UKFast, if my MD told me we were going to see 1,000,000 transactions coming through, I know we would be able to manage it.”

What are your plans for the business over the next 12 months, and where will your solution fit into those plans?
“Our potential is limitless over the next 12 months. We’re looking to connect at least 150 networks which will take a lot of integration but is looking very exciting.
“We want to stay with UKFast because we have full confidence in them.”

What has your overall experience been like with UKFast?
“I haven’t got a bad word to say about any aspect of our experience with UKFast. We’ve had no issues. It’s been a very, very smooth and classy experience. It’s a quality service. With other hosting providers you pay a price for top hardware but you don’t get the customer service, the 24/7 support. I actually wonder why UKFast aren’t more expensive! It’s a reasonable price for a premium service.”

What would you say to another company thinking of working with UKFast?
“Definitely go with UKFast! Don’t look elsewhere, don’t waste time and don’t just take my word for it — listen to the client case studies. Remember it’s not just about the service, it’s about the quality, the customer service, the 24/7 support and the top quality hardware and network. Once you factor these in you’ve got something you can’t say no to.”

Duration: 2:37
Publisher: UKFast
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