Social Media Round Table Summary Opinions

Social Media Round Table Summary Opinions.

A panel of social media experts gathered at a round table debate held by hosting specialist UKFast to discuss how businesses can maximise the effectiveness of social media within their campaigns.

MDs Warned ‘Don’t Ignore Art of Social Media’.
Experts warn social media is not just a number game.

Business owners must understand the blend of creativity and science behind social media if their business’ campaign is to succeed.

This is the warning issued by a panel of social media experts gathered at a round table event held by hosting specialist UKFast. The panel urged the people at the top not to get caught up only in the ‘numbers’ of social networks.

The pannelists were:

• Robin Grant – MD, We Are Social
• Ronnie Brown – Marketing Director, Outside Line
• Charlie Osmond – CEO, Fresh Networks
• Steve Kuncewicz – Director, Mayday Mayday
• Joe Wiggins – Founder, Perfect Circle PR
• Phil Calderbank – Founder, Sommebox
• Liz Backhouse – Head of Social Media, UKFast
• Andrew Fryer – Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

Duration: 3:50
Publisher: UKFast
You can watch this video also at the source.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO