Softaculous Updates Auto Installer with New Features



The developer of Softaculous Auto Installer, that simplifies application deployment on various hosting platforms has announced the release of Softaculous Auto Installer 4.2.7. This version has several new features which includes Automated Backups of installations and many more. The new version also fixes a few bugs.

Softaculous Ltd. has made the following changes in the Softaculous 4.2.7 version:

  1. Automated Backups : Users can now choose from the install form/edit installation page to take automated backups (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
  2. Admins can now choose to prepend a prefix for Admin Username field for their endusers on the script install form.
  3. All scripts requirements can be checked from the Softaculous Admin panel to determine which scripts might not work on the server.
  4. Added settings in Softaculous Admin panel to individually disable New installation, Remove installation, Edit installation, Backup installation emails sent to the endusers.
  5. Added setting to disable Backup installations emails from the Softaculous Enduser panel -> Email Settings.
  6. Admins can define the PERL version, MySQL version, list of enabled extensions, list of enabled functions in the pre install hook to override the requirements check done while script installation.
  7. Bug Fix : The cPanel user’s email was stored by default in user details file in Softaculous. Now it will be stored only if a user has specifically changed the email address in Softaculous Enduser panel -> Email Settings.
  8. Bug Fix : Fixed the Auto Install API and SDK to work with Directadmin.
  9. Bug Fix : Script installation was not allowed if the user wanted DB prefix to be empty. This is now fixed.
  10. Bug Fix : On the Task List page hyperlink was displayed even for the paths. This is fixed now.
  11. Bug Fix : Softaculous used to send update notification for the installation(s) that were manually updated i.e. when Softaculous records were outdated. Softaculous will now find the actual version of installation(s) and if it does not match with the existing records the Softaculous records will be updated and notification(s) will be sent only if installation(s) are still outdated.

Softaculous Auto Installer integrates into popular hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, Interworx and ISPSystems and allows the user to install any application by the click of a button. There are lots of script categories like blogs, forums, micro blogs, wikis, social networking, image galleries, ERP, Project Management, Educational, etc.

Softaculous apps library has 300+ apps which lets the users choose a script from a wide range of options available. The Softaculous apps library already contains popular applications, including: WordPress, b2evolution, StatusNet, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, ShopSite, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, Coppermine, Gallery, Mediawiki, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Elgg, Dolphin, OpenX, SquirrelMail, LimeSurvey, Piwik, Mantis, SugarCRM, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, CraftySyntax, osTicket, Moodle, Claroline, etc.