Software Provider Function Point Migrates to Amazon AWS Cloud Environment

Function Point Productivity Software, a Vancouver, BC, Canada-based provider of project management software solutions, has upgraded their system infrastructure to a cloud hosting environment with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The fast-growing company needed greater scalability to match the needs of their users – ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments.

“Amazon is known as a book company; we know them as a dependable cloud hosting environment that gives us tremendous flexibility and reliability, while ensuring the integrity of our systems and our clients’ data,” said Chris Wilson, President and Founder of Function Point.

With the migration to AWS, Function Point’s data services have been sharded, or broken down into smaller chunks, across multiple servers, achieving improvements in performance, including boosting the reliability of uptime.

Scalability server environment

aws-cloudAWS would provide scalability, as well as increased reliability, delivery speed, server redundancy, and additional back-up systems. In addition, an exponential increase in the company‘s server environment includes redundancy that spans across regions. Function Point is now able to provide services on multiple continents with local, dedicated servers.

“Knowing we can scale our server environment in a matter of minutes is important,” added Alon Sabi, Vice President of Development Services at Function Point. “Working with this world-class cloud hosting technology has been such a pleasure. I sleep better at night knowing we have this project completed.”

Function Point’s utilization of Amazon CloudFront, a CDN web service, has also improved speed by delivering static content to users with a much higher delivery rate. To safeguard client information and data, extra back-ups have been added that work in real-time. Furthermore, these new backup systems can be deployed as part of Function Point’s main infrastructure in little time, raising client service response time to an all new level.

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