Sogeti Wins €50 Million Contract to Take Enexis Group to the Cloud

Global leading technology and engineering service provider, Sogeti, has announced a new €50 million agreement with energy network provider Enexis Group – to transform more than 200 enterprise applications to a public cloud environment.

Enexis implements, manages and maintains a substantial part of the Dutch electricity and gas network. The company has to anticipate and react even faster to changing circumstances in the energy supply chain. For that reason, Enexis Group was looking for scalable and agile IT-capacity in a public and cloud native environment.

The four-year deal would place Sogeti at the center of Enexis’ cloud transformation journey. Sogeti is working closely with First Consulting in transforming business critical software to a Microsoft Azure and other Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) environments to develop a cloud native architecture, including a new governance model where DevOps teams will be integrated.

Cloud Native Platform

sogeti piet wybe wagter ceo sogeti netherlands
“We are very proud that Enexis Group has selected Sogeti and First Consulting,” said Piet-Wybe Wagter, CEO of Sogeti Netherlands.

The agreement includes the development of a cloud native architecture, the transition of 200 existing applications to a public cloud platform and organization transformation. The cloud native platform would help Enexis Group to move existing applications faster and easier to a multi-cloud environment. The implementation and integration of applications within the IT operation would be simplified with ‘Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).’ Fully automated processes will replace manual configuration work and Sogeti will build a container platform to develop secured and compliant cloud software.

This strategy would improve Enexis’ time-to-market for new applications. “We realize the need for sustainable energy supply with ‘state-of-the-art’ networks and services,” said Jeroen Sanders, Managing Director ICT, Enexis Group. “Our IT-landscape will be more flexible with the application transformation to a public cloud environment. Moreover, we ensure software liability and security. Our partners are well-experienced in these complex projects so we are looking forward to a successful innovative change that we will go through in the coming years.”

Sogeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capgemini Group. The company offers expertise in cloud, cybersecurity, digital manufacturing, digital assurance & testing, and emerging technologies.

“We are very proud that Enexis Group has selected Sogeti and First Consulting,” said Piet-Wybe Wagter, CEO of Sogeti Netherlands. “The energy network provider underlines their leading role in the utilities market by making a strategic choice for a public and cloud native environment. We will leverage our joint expertise and experience in cloud transitions for this very innovative and transformational project.”