IT management software provider SolarWinds has introduced its first backup solution targeted for direct use by end-user customers. The cloud-first backup service has been developed to protect virtual servers and dedicated servers.

SolarWinds’s cloud-based backup solution is built upon the company’s own technology already used by Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to “securely and efficiently” protect the data assets of thousands of organizations worldwide. The new backup product has been designed from the ground up to reduce cost and complexity without sacrificing speed or reliability.

The SolarWinds Backup web-based console would offer at-a-glance monitoring of backup status, and enable recovery from anywhere – even using mobile devices. Backups would typically be able to start running in minutes, with no need to provision storage or manually configure cloud connections.

Stored in Private Cloud

SolarWinds Backup would deliver the speed required to handle even large machines and databases with extremely short backup windows. Built-in compression and SolarWinds’ highly efficient True Delta data de-duplication technology can shrink backup windows from hours to minutes. For example, an 8TB file server with more than 1.2 million files can complete daily offsite backups in as little as four minutes, stated SolarWinds.

The backups are stored in a global, purpose-built private cloud that is designed to be “highly secure”. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest via AES-256 encryption, and users hold the key. A network of multiple data centers around the world would help meet data governance and privacy requirements.