1-grid.com, a Capetown, South Africa-based company offering web hosting, domain names, email hosting, SSL and malware security solutions, will be bundling Comodo cWatch Web security tools together with its web hosting services.

1-grid.com is a company specializing in hosting for small to mid-size businesses (SMB) in South Africa. Quite some of those customers would find themselves under assault while attacks have become more severe and sophisticated. An increasingly common vector for attacks would lie in compromised websites, stated 1-grid.com, from which unsuspecting visitors download malware from which cyber-criminals control botnets and launch DDoS attacks.

“Together with Comodo, 1-grid.com stands at the forefront in the fight against cybercrime,” said Thomas Vollrath, head of 1-grid.com hosting business. “Comodo is the ideal partner and cWatch Web the best offering to serve the cybersecurity needs of our market here in South Africa. Comodo makes it easy to help customers secure their web properties, fueling our growth and building customer confidence.”

Cybersecurity Solution

cWatch Web is a comprehensive, proactive cybersecurity solution delivered by Comodo Cybersecurity. cWatch Web offers an array of features designed to benefit website owners, building upon a “unique” 6-layer stack of security technology that provides “complete” protection for any website. This solution would also ensure early detection, immediate remediation and preemptive preventative measures, including site scanning. cWatch Web also offers free website malware removal.

“1-grid.com is a leader in its marketplace in providing managed services for its online SMB customers,” said Jeffrey Eckhaus, VP of Web Security Solutions, Comodo. “Including Comodo cWatch Web in the 1-grid.com hosting control panel streamlines security implementation for hosting customers. With a single click, small business web sites gain comprehensive protection from malware and other cybersecurity threats.”

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