Space 48 on great hosting with UKFast

Winning awards in your industry – recognising your hard work and setting you apart from the rest – is a huge milestone; to win an array demonstrates your expertise to your competitors and clients.
One agency scooping award after award is Space 48. Magento Gold Partners and ecommerce experts, the business has grown from its inception as a consultancy in 2008, to building responsive and engaging websites for major online retailers including Charlotte Tilbury, Dawsons, Better Bathrooms and Silent Night. It hosts its clients’ websites on UKFast’s dedicated servers – optimised for a superior Magento experience.

“Serious knowledge of Magento and how it works is extremely important to us,” Jon said. “As soon as we met with the team at UKFast, it was apparent they understood the platform better than anyone we’d met before. Now, all our clients’ websites are hosted from one server rather than being dotted around.
“Whenever we bring a new client on board, we speak to UKFast and we have tonnes of confidence that it understands exactly what we’re trying to achieve. Our projects are always very technical and in-depth, but UKFast are just as assured as we are when we try to build a large website.”
Being such an intensive platform, it’s imperative that Magento developers are able to ensure the infrastructure behind it is supportive, even at the busiest of times. It was a successful project with a client who intended to launch a national TV advertising campaign that showed Space 48 it had definitely selected the right hosting provider in UKFast.
“High traffic is something we strive for as standard,” said Jon. “But we needed to be absolutely sure that the extra traffic the client was going to receive following the advertising wasn’t going to hinder the site’s performance. Once it went live, there were absolutely huge spikes in traffic; UKFast did everything it could throughout to ensure the solution was prepared, and we delivered the project without a problem.
“If the client is happy, we’re happy. And since working with UKFast, we’ve never had anyone be disappointed.”
As an official UKFast Partner, Space 48 has experienced an endless array of benefits throughout the relationship – something it hadn’t reaped in previous partnerships.
“Other companies just don’t recognise what it is to have that partnership in place,” said Jon. “With UKFast, it’s so transparent; using the Partner Portal we can see how our referrals are doing and can see the companies being referred to us by UKFast; you can recognise the contribution both businesses are making to the partnership.
“Our business grows depending on the new business we bring in, so all we can ask is that UKFast continues to do more of the same, as it’s helping us to deliver continually successful projects. It’s been a great experience to work together.”

Duration: 3:46
Publisher: UKFast
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