Nubo Service Automation has merged with SpinPanel. These two leading cloud businesses are combining their strengths to provide vendor neutral centralized cloud automation solutions to the entire IT distribution network.

The ‘new’ SpinPanel enables cloud distributors and resellers to better serve their clients when it comes to cloud-based solutions. As a result of this merger Nubo Service Automation and SpinPanel strengthen each other in the areas of software development, marketing, and commerce.

Due to their track record with major clients and their existing brand awareness within the market,  both entities will remain known under their individual product names and consolidate under one brand: SpinPanel. Karel Saurwalt will continue in the role of CEO. Koen Nicolasen and Vincent Mejan, SpinPanel founders, will be responsible for operations and technology within the business. International investor Andy Ketelaars, previously owner and CEO of the Canadian venture New Electric, will be focusing on the North America market. This provides the SpinPanel Platform with an international push and an increase in resources.

Need for change

With this merger SpinPanel aims to capitalize on the cloud adoption trend of end-users. The platform perfectly anticipates the shift from traditional ‘legacy’ IT infrastructure to consolidated cloud solutions. It positively impacts the business processes of both IT distributors and resellers. It allows them to offer complete cloud solutions and thus become more relevant to their end-users.

International growth

Karel Saurwalt about the SpinPanel merger: “We look forward to building and innovating with the SpinPanel team. 30 to 50 percent of our new business is generated internationally, and the merger makes it possible for SpinPanel to apply focus to both Dutch and global channels. However, our initial focus is to unite SpinPanel and Nubo Service Automation into one business with a strong culture. Then we will continue to turn our clients’ IT supply chain upside down. Businesses are steadily increasing their Azure consumption. The SpinPanel platform helps transform the provisioning of these services into one smooth process. Cloud automation, the technical provisioning of cloud services, billing, Microsoft user and license management, and the provisioning and management of location-independent workplaces can all be done from our centralized, multi-tenant platform.”

Cloud automation as core business

“Automation has never been more relevant. Every organization is looking for smarter and more efficient ways to work. SpinPanel has already proven to be a great help to distributors and resellers in their transition from legacy to cloud-based solutions. This merger was a logical step toward continuity and business growth. With our new team we are now in a position to make an international, commercial move. This enables distributors and resellers abroad to also reap the benefits of our complete cloud solution,” says Koen Nicolasen.