StackPath Edge Compute Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace


Global CDN and edge computing technology provider, StackPath, has announced that StackPath Edge Compute Virtual Machines and Containers are now available for purchase on the Google Cloud Marketplace. The committed Google Cloud expenditure of customers who purchase StackPath products via the Google Cloud Marketplace will be deducted from their total spend.

StackPath offers cloud computing instances in 38 key global markets that are situated within, not simply close to, edge points of presence. This implies that StackPath instances may provide additional choices for application distribution and be situated extremely near to the sources and destinations of the data that enterprises need to analyze.

“Cloud computing and edge computing are complementary,” said Tom Reyes, StackPath’s Chief Product Officer. “Many of our clients run their latency-sensitive workloads on StackPath and their latency-neutral workloads on Google Cloud to achieve remarkable cost and performance savings. We can’t wait to collaborate with Google Cloud and simplify the process for users to combine the greatest features of both platforms.”

Multi-Cloud Kubernetes

According to Dai Vu, Managing Director, Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud, “Many enterprises are seeking solutions that help them optimize their workflows as part of their digital transformation strategies. StackPath is enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve the speed, security, and efficiency they require with its solutions now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.”

This news corresponds with the recent inclusion of Virtual Kubelet support by StackPath in StackPath Edge Compute, which allows for the easy integration and management of StackPath Edge Compute Containers in multi-cloud Kubernetes (K8s) clusters. K8s originated with Google Cloud, and the container-centric workload management system is still a global favorite among Google Cloud customers.

Edge StackPath Additional compute features and advantages include the following:

  • Installing and configuring virtual machines (VMs) using the most recent certified Linux distributions – CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian – using StackPath’s recommended security and performance guidelines.
  • Taking pictures of running virtual machines (VMs) and archiving them to provide autoscaling, quick deployment, or easy rollbacks for version control and backward compatibility.
  • Making Open Container Initiative-compliant container images that are saved in a repository like GitHub or are uploaded straight to the StackPath platform. These images are created using the customer’s chosen development environment, such as Docker or other industry-standard tools.
  • Having instances provisioned in a matter of seconds with a single click or API request at any or all StackPath edge locations.