Steve Tucker of Bunting Software on hosting with UKFast

Steve Tucker, Technical Director of Bunting Software on hosting with UKFast.

When you’re shopping on a website, it’s handy to know what goes with what. Which bag will match that dress best? Do they make trainers in the same branding as this sports kit? Have I got all the ingredients for my recipe?
Bunting Software, a website personalisation application, ensures you’ll never miss out on what you need. By tracking the way people search a website, it develops an understanding of what browsers on ecommerce sites are interested in and shows them products they may wish to purchase.
Hosted on dedicated servers with UKFast, Bunting is making huge waves in the ecommerce world, with users experiencing triple digit growth since implementing it to their site.
“There is very little in the world that is similar to Bunting,” technical director Stephen Tucker says.
“As soon as it was out of beta, we had a queue of people wanting to use it — it’s caused a great deal of excitement. It’s caused sales to rocket through the roof, and it’s helping ecommerce clients transform from small e-retailers into large scale players in the industry. It gives businesses a competitive edge.”
Having experienced trouble with a previous hosting provider that didn’t feel passionate about Bunting, Stephen was looking to change providers when, by chance, he received a call from UKFast.
“It was immediately apparent that UKFast staff know what they’re talking about,” Stephen says.
“I migrated over to UKFast and since day one, the solution has been fantastic. Because Bunting needs to work in real time in order to serve my clients’ customers, it needs to be very fast. It’s a very intensive piece of software; I put a lot of load onto it and it does a lot of number crunching, but the server takes everything in its stride.
“It’s exactly what my business needs.”
Stephen has experienced more than just a quality server from UKFast. The personal support network has given him a taste of how hosting providers should work.
“You expect a hosting company to be able to help you straight away with any server issues, but the reality is that you’re waiting on the phone for 20 minutes at a time with most of them,” he says.
“That’s not the case with UKFast. You get straight through, and now I’m on first name terms with all the people I speak to.
“The UKFast people have embraced the Bunting software, and I feel as if they want to help my business. You’re not dealing with a faceless corporation; you’re dealing with real people.
“You don’t get that with a large company in general, never mind a hosting company, so when you receive it it’s quite surprising and very nice.”
As the Bunting team continue to develop the software to create even better results for their clients, Stephen knows UKFast’s solution will always handle the pressure.
He says: “UKFast don’t just do the service to a level that is required; they go so much further.
“Like Bunting, UKFast is quintessentially British, and sharing those values gives me the confidence that we will work together for a long time to come.”

Duration: 3:24
Publisher: UKFast
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