STIT: Building a Data Lake Using AWS Services and 4Insights [Portuguese]

In this episode of This Is My Architecture (, Alam Vitório Perez, Director explain how to create and govern a Data Lake using Amazon S3, AWS Glue and 4Insights. AWS Glue Catalog shares Data Lake information metadata among AWS services like Amazon EMR that allows the usage of a broad open source tools ecosystem to process vast amounts of data, Amazon Athena to query data in Amazon S3 interactively and Amazon Redshift Spectrum to run Amazon Redshift SQL against your Data Lake in Amazon S3. 4Insights allows DataWarehouse modeling, the model version control and helps you to create the Data Warehouse in Amazon Redshift easier.

Host: Claudia Charro, Solutions Architect, AWS
Customer: Alam Vitório Perez, Director, STIT

Duration: 6:40
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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