STOP – Read this Website Checklist Before You Launch

You’ve built your page, you’ve uploaded your content, and now you’re ready to launch, right? WRONG. Stop there, and make sure you follow these 5 steps before clicking that publish button.

Ensuring your website is 110% ready to publish is one of the most important steps in building your website. Follow along as Scott and Blair take you through 5 of the most important steps to take before you launch your website.

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Review for Errors
01:25 – Optimize your User Experience
02:00 – Optimize your SEO
03:50 – Make sure your Site Works
04:20 – The Final Launch Countdown

Review for Errors:
Don’t let a typo mess up your otherwise perfect site. Check each page, and take your time while doing so.

Optimize your User Experience:
Whether that is optimizing your website for a mobile experience, or ensuring that your buttons are clickable, User Experience one of the most important factors for your website’s success.

Optimize your SEO:
What good is a website if nobody can find them? If you want to be ready to launch your website, make sure that you have set up metadata for each page, and review your site for keywords.

Make Sure Your Site Works:
This may sound obvious, but we aren’t talking about making sure your site works in one place, but every place you can. Check your site through different browsers and devices. Have a friend check for you! This will help you work out any unique kinks you may not have found yet.

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