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Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger or head of a major corporation, if you’re a website owner, you care about the same things: growing your revenue and maintaining a solid reputation.

When things are going smoothly for you it’s great. But like anything else in life, disaster can strike at any time. Hackers around the world are constantly trying to attack your website. Those created on WordPress and Joomla are especially prime targets since hackers can infect thousands of these sites at once. Either your customers can’t access your website at all or if they do, suddenly their computers get attacked by viruses of all sorts. Now what happens to you and your business?

Your revenue and reputation take a terrible hit. Worse yet, your customers will spread the word about how they got infected by viruses while visiting your website. Now your revenue loss isn’t contained to only those who visited your site during the attack, but search engines like Google and Bing will blacklist your site, making you one of the 9,500 blacklisted daily. The fear created about your brand? That damage is immeasurable.

Your site will always be vulnerable because hackers are always creating new malware and viruses. Patching up vulnerabilities alone doesn’t solve the problem. That’s like telling you that burglars could enter your house by breaking a window; you already know that. If you’re protecting your PC but not your website, you’ve locked your front door but left the back door open.

Here’s how Site Scanner comprehensively protects you:

Malware Detection: Using our Artificial Intelligence software, we detect malware where others don’t.
Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring: We’re always in contact with search engines to assess your site’s reputation and whether it’s on any blacklists, which ultimately affects your search rankings.
Uptime & Speed Monitoring: We check your site regularly for load speed and to ensure that it’s still live.
Facebook Wall Monitoring- We monitor your Facebook wall to ensure that no links are posted leading to anything malicious.

Be proactive and let Site Scanner protect you before disaster recovery is ever needed. It’s so easy and you can get set up in under a minute and there’s no software installation required. Order Site Scanner now from and make sure your site is protected from virus and malware threats.

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