Storage Area Network (SAN) Storage Explained in 60 Seconds

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Storage Area Network, or SAN, is a robust dedicated network specifically for data storage.


SAN, S. A. N., stands for Storage Area Network, which by its very name implies a dedicated network specifically for data storage.

Let’s say you have a very popular photography studio for… say… dogs; and as you take more photos you save them across many hard drives, but your server is quickly running out of physical space for additional hard drives.

The question is, where do you centralize and store all of those dogs? That’s where a storage area network comes in.

With a SAN you can collect all of your pictures together and place them in a centralized pool of redundant storage nodes, which is physically separate from your server.

As the popularity of your “photography studio for dogs” grows, a web server can fill-up with photos fast. With a SAN scaling up the amount of available storage is easy and immediate!

Centralized Storage
Easy Scalability
Much Doge… er… dogs.

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