StorPool CEO: “Low Latency Is The Most Important Metric of a Storage System”

VIDEO INTERVIEW CLOUDFEST – When StorPool started its operations about 7 years ago, people told them that they stood no chance and would be out of business in up to 6 months. Now, StorPool is a cash-flow positive storage vendor showing triple digit growth. Editor-in-Chief Koen Stegeman had a video interview last week at CloudFest 2019 with StorPool CEO/co-founder Boyan Ivanov – about current storage trends, what the StorPool offering is about, the most requested storage features, and more.

Hosting providers CloudSigma, eApps Hosting and SiteGround are among StorPool’s customers. The hosting provider market is important for StorPool, about 90 percent of the company’s revenues out of distributed storage solutions comes from the hosting provider market. With StorPool’s technology, cloud hosting providers would be able to offer a true cloud product for example with built-in redundancy, live scaling, live migrations and high I/O performance, against relatively good prices.

In this video interview at CloudFest 2019, StorPool CEO and co-founder Boyan Ivanov talks about virtual databases, NVMe over Fabrics, StorPool’s focus on specific use cases, as well as possible new product integrations with other technologies.