StorPool Develops Storage Solution for AWS Cloud


StorPool Storage has released a full-featured storage solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) metal instances. It would enable the deployment of performance-intensive enterprise applications on hyperscale public clouds.

The new solution, which according to StorPool was created in collaboration with AWS, is intended to provide classic applications like transactional databases, monolithic programs, and massively used e-commerce websites with exceptionally low latency and high IOPS.

According to StorPool, in the past, it was difficult and expensive to reach the same levels of storage performance in the cloud that are available in traditional on-premises deployments. Businesses can have single-instance storage performance that would be “on par with or better than” that of top-tier on-premises block storage while still enjoying all the benefits of the cloud with the StorPool on AWS solution.

It is more difficult to ‘lift and shift’ traditional applications that largely rely on vertical scaling (i.e. scale up) to AWS since they require significantly higher storage performance per instance than the cloud provider can give, even with the most costly AWS EBS io2 Block Express, stated StorPool. The company claims its storage solution to enable more than 5 times the maximum performance of io2 while lowering latency by 50 percent thanks to its cost per IOPS, storage efficiency, advanced features, and optimal performance – even when engaging snapshots and other features that decrease performance in other storage architectures.

Over 10GB/s of Storage Throughput

Boyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool Storage
“With the StorPool on AWS technology solution, organizations can now move traditional on-premises deployments to AWS,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool Storage.

A single EC2 r5n instance would receive lightning-fast 1.3+ million balanced random read/write IO/s from StorPool. According to the company, businesses are no longer constrained by storage per-instance, and performance can be attained for any suitable instance type with enough network connectivity. In order to accomplish these results, StorPool claims to use less than 17 percent of the client’s CPU resources for storage-related tasks, while the remaining 83 percent would be available for user programs and databases.

StorPool may provide more than 10GB/s of storage throughput to a single client instance. StorPool uses storage activities with block sizes of 8 KB or bigger to consume 100Gbps network connections while maintaining the full range of advantages provided by StorPool’s advanced features.

“With the StorPool on AWS technology solution, organizations can now move traditional on-premises deployments to AWS to decrease capital expenditures and enjoy the more flexible OpEx model offered by the public cloud,” said Boyan Ivanov, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at StorPool Storage. “Healthcare providers, insurance companies, SaaS vendors, those in financial services, or someone else with performance-hungry monolithic applications can leverage StorPool on AWS to get the extreme reliability and ultra-fast data access times they need in situations that would otherwise have been cost-prohibitive before.”

The StorPool on AWS solution is presently available. Experts at StorPool are able to design, implement, tune, monitor, and manage each StorPool Storage system.