StorPool, ITGix Partner to Deliver Managed OpenStack and Kubernetes Deployments

StorPool and ITGix have stepped into a partnership meant to deliver “high-performance, scalable, and reliable” on-premise deployments with OpenStack and Kubernetes. Together, these companies will focus on building private clouds for “mission-critical” containerized applications, providing end-to-end fully managed service for their customers.

ITGix is an ISO27001 certified DevOps and SysOps Services provider, focused on Automation, Cloud Migration, Consulting and Managed Services. ITGix has deployed and supported multiple Kubernetes and OpenStack clusters in various cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, as well as On-prem, using multiple storage solutions.

StorPool is a software-defined storage provider providing a native CSI integration with Kubernetes through which persistent volumes are provided to the pods. The company offers a “modern” storage architecture designed for containers and a wide set of data management features such as end-to-end data integrity, efficient copy-on-write snapshots and clones, multi-stack support, scalability, backups, Disaster Recovery, as well as advanced monitoring and statistics.

StorPool and ITGix join efforts to help customers offload the complexity to proven experts in the area of managed containerized environments and storage.

End-to-End Technology Partnership

StorPool and ITGix are now partnering as а full-service technology provider and will work together as an end-to-end managed services provider, delivering their services in a single holistic package. This end-to-end implementation is intended to provide streamlined and professional services for companies at a global scale.

Boyan Krosnov
“By partnering with ITGix, we are now able to help enterprises with their container infrastructure and operations, enabling them to focus on their applications and business growth,” said Boyan Krosnov, co-founder and CPO, StorPool Storage.

“According to Gartner, by 2022, over 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production,” said Boyan Krosnov, co-founder and CPO, StorPool Storage. “To maximize the potential for containerized applications, persistent storage must address three main requirements – performance, availability, and scalability. StorPool has a solution for all of them. By partnering with ITGix, we are now able to help enterprises with their container infrastructure and operations, enabling them to focus on their applications and business growth.”

ITGix supports its customers to tackle down IT related problems providing not only conceptual but also hands-on DevOps assistance. Together, ITGix and StorPool are intending to provide “modern and efficient” systems that can be used as a reference model in the world of DevOps and containers.

“Our cooperation with StorPool Storage enables us to provide а ready working end to end solution to our customers covering also the storage segment making our offering complete and covering the workloads infrastructure in the face of Openstack or Kubernetes and the storage area provided by StorPool for high-performance on-premise solutions,” said Mihail Vukadinov, CTO of ITGix. “This allows us to ultimately become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace. Along the way, we are pleased with our partnership with StorPool Storage, with its outstanding management and executive teams, we are happy to work together, demonstrate strong operational skills, and create high efficiency.”

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