StorPool Storage Announces Integration with OpenStack (Cinder)

StorPool Storage, a distributed storage software vendor, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, has announced integration with OpenStack (Cinder). The integration works as an add-on with Icehouse and Juno releases. It supports all mandatory Cinder features and would provide fast, reliable and scalable block-level storage.

storpool-storageStorPool converts standard x86 severs into high-end storage systems and serves as a replacement of specialized storage arrays (SANs) or other storage software that lack the desired performance or features. Compared to other “software-defined” storage solutions, StorPool would provide very high performance (in terms of IOPS, MB/s), extreme efficiency (running storage and compute on the same nodes, practically), scalability and simplicity.

“StorPool has re-engineered the entire storage stack from scratch,” said Boyan Ivanov, co-founder and CEO at StorPool. “As a result, we have created a fully-distributed, highly reliable, scalable and efficient storage solution. StorPool takes minimal resources from each server, enabling utilization of the same servers for both storage and compute. Furthermore, StorPool offers advanced storage features like thin provisioning, snapshots & clones, tiering, caching, QoS (Quality of Service) among others.”

StorPool is targeting to be included in the OpenStack Kilo release as well.