StorReduce: Highly Available, Scalable Data Deduplication and Replication for Cloud Object Storage

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On the next This Is My Architecture, Hugh from StorReduce explains how they built their fault-tolerant and highly efficient storage solution on AWS with EC2, S3, KMS, Snowball, Direct Connect, and more. We’ll explore how their abstraction layer on top of object storage like Amazon S3 can handle 1+ petabytes of data every day, while still remaining highly-available across 3 Availability Zones, and secure with encryption both at rest and in flight. If you’re working with data at scale and want to learn how to save money and use less bandwidth for your backups, then tune-in!

Host: Matt Yanchyshyn, Director, AWS Solutions Architecture
Speakers: Hugh Emberson, CTO, StorReduce

Duration: 7:33
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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