StreamingVideoProvider Expands Its Video CDN Operations Into China

Users around the world can now use StreamingVideoProvider’s Video CDN solution to publish, protect, monetize and delivery “high-quality” video worldwide, including China.

“The new video platform update is a response to the increasing demand for video delivery in China,” said Deyan Shkodrov, CEO of StreamingVideoProvider. “The Chinese government has been tightening the noose on Internet freedom almost every day. So, we have been getting more and more requests from customers who are looking for video hosting and live streaming services allowed in China. To solve this problem, we expanded our video CDN in China.”

Here are some of the key features that come with this Video CDN product update:

  • Video CDN In China Mainland – StreamingVideoProvider has installed new servers at key locations in China (including Shenzhen region), enabling users to broadcast freely beyond the Great Firewall.
  • Live Streaming And Video Hosting Services – Users can stream live and share pre-recorded video content with their Chinese audiences.
  • Full HD Video Delivery – The video content can be delivered in full HD in China as well as anywhere else in the world.
  • Responsive Player – The super-lightweight video player works on smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs and adapts the video stream to the viewer’s Internet connection.

Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider currently hosts over 560,000 videos and streams over 50,000,000 minutes of live and VoD footage per year. It’s a privately held, profitable company with a head office located in London, United Kingdom. The company also has branch offices in Bulgaria and Ukraine.

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