Study: 67% of Organizations Repatriating Applications from Cloud to Data Center

Repatriation of applications from the cloud to a data center environment is on the rise, according to F5’s latest annual State of Application Strategy Report. Over two-thirds of organizations (67 percent) are currently repatriating applications from the cloud or intend to do so in the next 12 months. This is increased from merely 27 percent the year before.

With 93 percent of respondents using cloud-based as-a-Service offerings and 84 percent planning to move workloads to the edge, challenges include overlapping security policies and fragmented data, as well as the deployment of point solutions, which ultimately add complexity, increase fragility, or inhibit performance

Even while the number of possible failure points has risen due to growing complexity, performance remains crucial, with more than three-quarters (76 percent) of respondents stating that if given the option, they would turn off security measures to enhance performance.

The study by F5 also revealed that an overwhelming majority of businesses (95 percent) want to mine operational data for insights that will help them enhance customer service and develop their businesses. However, 98 percent of respondents say they can’t get the information they need from their present systems right now. Despite increased AI use, many firms still lack the expertise and capabilities to efficiently discover and capitalize on relevant data.

Tradeoffs of Accelerating Digital Transformation

These findings would suggest that, although they reap the advantages of digital transformation, IT decision makers are still grappling with limits related to modernization, business imperatives, and deployment techniques.

Organizations must constantly strike a balance between controls, costs, customer and employee experiences, and an expanded set of application and API protections. As a result, sophisticated behavioral analysis and AI-based solutions that can better assess context to deliver the security, performance, and insights required for adaptive applications are becoming increasingly popular, according to F5.

Nearly 1,500 IT decision-makers from a variety of sectors, organization sizes, and professional roles participated in F5’s 2022 State of Application Strategy Report. The poll emphasized on respondents’ objectives, problems, and expectations in order to provide a compelling picture of how businesses are altering application strategies to better satisfy consumers’ present and future demands.