Subaru Canada Deploys Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

Subaru Canada has deployed the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform for its mission-critical workloads. As one of the leading global automotive brands, Subaru Canada entrusts its high-performance workloads to run on the Nutanix cloud platform, and has seen significant improvements since its initial deployment.

Subaru Canada runs all the company’s business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and virtual desktop (VDI) deployments on its Nutanix enterprise cloud platform.

By migrating these workloads to one web-scale platform from multiple servers and storage systems, the company has simplified its entire data center operation. Since making the change from its previous NetApp solution to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, the company has seen a significant improvement in the speed of the Nutanix system: the extract, transform and load (ETL) nightly process that used to take four hours would now only take two hours with the Nutanix enterprise cloud environment.

“The impressive performance and ease-of-use of the Nutanix systems are unmatched in the industry today,” said Manoj Tiwary, Director of Information Technology & Business Services at Subaru Canada. “In order to maximize our Nutanix investment moving forward, we are only looking at additional workloads and technologies with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Down the road, we’d also like to purchase additional Nutanix clusters for a remote site, using built-in Nutanix replication to sync our servers to the off-site location.”

In addition to performance improvements, the company is spending less time on customer service and time management and more time on projects that are critical to the business. Previously, the team would have to balance many calls from end users about poor performance of its applications at the end of every month, which is when the systems are most in use. The team also spent a significant amount of time managing and troubleshooting its former systems.

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Since moving to Nutanix, the team hasn’t received a single complaint from its end users around application performance and can “seamlessly” manage its Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix Prism. As a result, Subaru Canada would be able to spend less time on IT upkeep and more time on supporting its business initiatives that directly impact its end users.

“As the automotive industry continues to evolve with the introduction of new technologies such as advanced analytics, IoT, manufacturing automation, and artificial intelligence, automakers and manufacturing companies are seeing increased pressure to manage data from multiple sources and applications,” said Anton Granic, VP of Sales, Americas North & Canada Nutanix. “By deploying a Nutanix cloud solution, Subaru Canada has embraced innovative new IT solutions that simplify managing critical applications dealing with high volumes of data. With the improved efficiency from the IT team, Subaru Canada will be able to more seamlessly stay ahead of technological trends and serve as a model for other players in the automotive industry.”

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