Sunbird dcTrack 7.2 Released, Providing Data Center Parts Management

Sunbird Software, an innovative Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provider with clients globally, has announced the general availability of its latest dcTrack release. With Release 7.2, Sunbird Software has added a ‘Parts Management’ feature. It would significantly expand the scope of the physical data center infrastructure that can be managed in dcTrack.

Customers can now track the various parts of their devices like power supplies, memory modules, network interface cards, transceivers, MPO cassettes, patch cords, or even boxes of screws on a shelf for complete data center asset management.

“Modern data center managers have an overwhelming number of IT assets to keep track of, each with numerous subcomponents,” said Herman Chan, President of Sunbird Software. “Managing inventory and assignment of these parts accurately is virtually impossible with spreadsheets or other legacy tools. With dcTrack 7.2, customers can easily and accurately manage high-value inventory items, monitor the supply of spare parts, and be alerted when they run below user-configurable thresholds.”

Inventory of Parts

The latest release allows customers to build their inventory of parts from a new parts library. They can also upload their own parts images. The feature is flexible to allow customers to define the parts they want to track and what assets each part is associated with. Parts that have their own serial number can be tracked individually, while other parts can be tracked collectively by number of parts in-stock versus in-use. It enables customers to set alerts for when they need to order more.

Custom fields allow users to track any attribute about a part that they desire, e.g., RAM memory speed. And with a fully searchable, sortable, and exportable audit log of all parts transactions, customers can see what was changed, by whom, and when. Planning and provisioning new equipment or break/fix work can be easily accomplished now in this single tool with complete knowledge of the required Bill of Materials, spares, or components

DCIM Integration

“Modern data center operators typically struggle with budgets, project resources, and staffing, and often find DCIM integration overwhelming,” said Daniel Bizo, Principal Analyst, 451 Research – a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Enterprises and colocation providers require DCIM software that is easy to buy, roll out, and use.”

Additional new features in Sunbird Software’s dcTrack 7.2 include a connectors library technology refresh that allows users to define the connectors they use and their compatibility for connection validation. It also comes with an enhanced ability to plan projects through the addition of a built-in project expiration date. Next to that, ServiceNow CMDB connector enhancements would provide improved field matching and data integration. It would also come with improved ease of use and the ability to implement data center moves via drag and drop, and much more.