SunPower and Rackspace Testimonial

SunPower is a leading solar technology and energy service provider that produces the most efficient solar cells and panels on the market today. The company was founded in 1985 by Dr. Richard Swanson, an electrical engineering professor at Stanford who was among the first to explore solar technology. Over several decades, what began as a manufacturing company has evolved into a vertically integrated company that produces, delivers, installs, and monitors commercial and residential systems for clients around the globe.

In this video, Rich Robinson, VP Business Technology & CIO at SunPower talks with Rackspace about migrating legacy applications to a Managed Cloud environment, then over time, moving those into OpenStack, rather than doing a wholesale forklift redo of their applications, which gives SunPower time to truly do it right and focus on the other things that are very important as well, allowing the Rackspace DevOps specialists to do the heavy lifting.

Duration: 2:27
Publisher: Rackspace
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