Supermicro Announces Latest Additions To Its Extensive Line of GPU-Optimized Servers for AI Use Cases

Global server, storage, and networking solutions vendor, Supermicro, has announced the latest additions to its extensive line of GPU-optimized servers. Supermicro’s new SuperServer 6049GP-TRT servers would provide the “superior” performance required to accelerate the diverse applications of modern Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

For maximum GPU density and performance, this 4U server supports up to 20 NVIDIA Tesla T4 Tensor Core GPUs, three terabytes of memory, and 24 hot-swappable 3.5″ drives. This system also features four 2000-watt Titanium level efficiency (2+2) redundant power supplies to help optimize the power efficiency, uptime and serviceability.

“Supermicro is innovating to address the rapidly emerging high-throughput inference market driven by technologies such as 5G, Smart Cities and IOT devices, which are generating huge amounts of data and require real-time decision making,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “We see the combination of NVIDIA TensorRT and the new Turing architecture based T4 GPU Accelerator as the ideal combination for these new demanding and latency-sensitive workloads and are aggressively leveraging them in our GPU system product line.”


The PCI-E NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU accelerators would significantly increase the density of GPU server platforms for wide data center deployment supporting deep learning, inference applications. As more and more industries deploy artificial intelligence solutions, they would be looking for high-density servers optimized for inference. The SuperServer 6049GP-TRT would be an optimal platform in the transition from training deep learning, neural networks to deploying artificial intelligence into real world applications such as facial recognition and language translation.

“Enterprise customers will benefit from a dramatic boost in throughput and power efficiency from the NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs in Supermicro’s new high-density servers,” said Ian Buck, vice president and general manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “With AI inference constituting an increasingly large portion of data center workloads, these Tesla T4 GPU platforms provide incredibly efficient real-time and batch inference.”

Supermicro has an entire family of 4U GPU systems that support the ultra-efficient Tesla T4, which is designed to accelerate inference workloads in any scale-out server. The hardware accelerated transcode engine in Tesla T4 delivers multiple HD video streams in real-time and allows integrating deep learning into the video transcoding pipeline to enable “a new class of” smart video applications.