Supermicro: “Rapid Data Center Technology Refresh Cycles Ask For Server Component Replacement Options”

As a server vendor with global operations and a high focus on energy efficiency, Supermicro was present at CloudFest last week with a booth and their keynote speaker Dr. Martin Galle – Field Application Engineer (FAE) at Supermicro.

During the event, had a video interview with Mr. Galle about the impact of energy-efficiency on CSP infrastructures and what to expect in terms of data center technology trends in the coming year. 

In this interview, Dr. Martin Galle shares his opinion on the latest data center trends for 2018. He expects that a focus on energy-efficiency will continue while the Internet of Things (IoT) will start to have quite an impact on the data center industry in 2018. Also, we would start to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) related applications in the data center environment more and more. The full interview with Mr. Galle from Supermicro (on a drizzly day under an umbrella during CloudFest, as you can hear) can be found in the following video.