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Hosting and colocation firm UKFast has embarked on a partnership with a male abuse charity based in Manchester, to help victims of rape and violence turn their lives around.
UKFast noticed Survivors Manchester — which offers free counselling online for male victims of abuse — was experiencing problems with its previous hosting provider on Twitter after CEO Duncan Craig took to the social media platform to appeal for help.
The charity had been offline for a number of days following a power outage in its American host’s network. Realising that Survivors Manchester — which provides a real-time chat facility on its website to aid those seeking advice — needs to be online 24-hours a day, and wanting to help a fellow Mancunian organisation, UKFast immediately set to work building a new hosting solution, completely for free, as part of its Random Acts of Kindness mission for 2014.
Since then, Survivors Manchester has been able to provide a faster, more tailored range of support to its users, with more and more men seeking solace in its site.
CEO Duncan Craig said: “UKFast are our knights in shining armour. Our website is very important to what we do; for a lot of organisations, it’s a bolt on to their work. For us, it’s a critical space — a self-help and counselling outlet for men who need immediate support.
“UKFast came to our rescue when our website was down and we couldn’t have been more thankful. We’re now able to speak to abuse victims quicker, and more frequently, and maintain that link in communication which means that we can start to help more people.
“We always try our best to ‘buy local’, so I’m really pleased that we can have this connection with such a key service inside Manchester. UKFast is ideally placed with its knowledge of support and we can use that to help us go forward, in terms of new thinking and new technologies.
“UKFast is always going to be able to help us change the way we deliver our support to meet our users’ needs, so it’s a perfect partnership.”
UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones said: “We’re continually looking to strengthen our links with Manchester-based organisations, but also always want to help those in need of a bit of a break.
“When we saw that Survivors Manchester — a charity which does work to help men who’ve been through some of the toughest experiences imaginable — was struggling, we reacted instantly and did what we could to help.
“We’ll continue to support Survivors Manchester in its future growth, and will always champion the testing work it undertakes to help those in need.”

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