Sweden-based Atomia Adds Reporting System to Its White-Label Web Hosting Platform

Atomia, founded in 2009 by a group of web hosting industry veterans in Sweden, has announced version 17.3 of its white-label hosting platform. Among the new features is a new reporting engine and interface to “easily” view, filter and segment billing and usage-related reports.

atomia web hostingAtomia is being used for selling shared web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and domain names. Reporting may not be considered a sexy feature, but it is vital for hosting businesses to be able to get accurate and detailed reports about invoices, payments, VAT, account ages, and more. Atomia comes with existing presets for the more common options, but companies can also add their own custom segments using SQL queries, which are then “easily” accessible to staff inside the Atomia admin panel.

“We have unleashed a broadside of new features aimed at making the lives of hosting companies easier,” said Magnus Hult, CEO of Atomia. “Our new reporting engine is an important part of that, and will help us provide some fantastic reporting features in coming releases as well.”

Other new features in Atomia 17.3 include support for tiered pricing (“a more profitable and flexible alternative to volume pricing”), more flexibility for hosting resellers, additional options for selling premium SSL certificates, and a host (“pardon the pun”) of other features.

“Web hosting companies have a business to run,” added Mr. Hult. “Our goal is to simplify that with heaps of automation and handy tools like this new reporting system so they can keep on top of things. Since Atomia includes both hosting software and a billing system, we are in a great position to provide value across the board.”

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