Sweden-based Net Insight to Make Live OTT Streaming Available In the #Cloud With Microsoft #Azure

Net Insight, a Stockholm, Sweden based provider of streaming, media transport and resource scheduling, will start offering their live Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming solution Sye in the cloud on Microsoft Azure as it joins the Microsoft Partner Network.

“Microsoft Azure is a perfect fit for our live streaming service, global, scalable, and designed to handle peak traffic during live events,” said Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight. “We also see a great potential in a deeper integration with Azure to enable a complete streaming service optimized for both live and on-demand.”

Net Insight’s live OTT streaming solution will become available on Microsoft Azure in the second quarter of 2018. In addition, and pending final approval, Net Insight has also planned to join the Microsoft Partner Network – which would provide additional benefits to extend the reach of its solution to Microsoft customers. Joining the Microsoft partner network would not imply any direct or committed future revenue for Net Insight. The company states it is an important step though to increase the reach and accessibility of their Sye live streaming solution.

‘Ultra-Low Latency Live Streaming’

Net Insight’s Sye solution is an “ultra-low latency” live streaming solution that includes functionality to synchronize individual feeds across devices throughout the entire experience. The Sye solution would bring a TV-like viewing experience to anyone on an OTT platform, including features such as: instant playback, fast channel changes, and seamless ad-insertion.

With a streaming protocol optimized for live, Sye’s tolerance for packet loss and geographical distance would be significantly higher than traditional OTT streaming solutions, “making it a good fit for a cloud environment.” Streaming in the cloud would be a good fit for large live OTT events, with the possibility to instantly spin up a scalable global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service and then take it down ensuring customers only pay for the resources used.

TV Media

“We are pleased to add Net Insight to our growing Azure ecosystem,” said Tony Emerson, director, business development, Microsoft. “We see an immense potential and a market need for a cloud-based live streaming service like Sye that addresses latency issues with OTT streaming.”

Net Insight’s offerings span across the entire media spectrum, starting from TV cameras and TV studios, right through to the TV consumers. Their solutions would benefit network operators, and TV and production companies, by lowering total cost of ownership, improving their workflow efficiencies and providing them with the ability to capture new business opportunities.

More than 500 customers running “mission critical” media services are currently using Net Insights solutions, covering more than 60 countries worldwide. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.