Swedish Cloud Hosting Provider Ipeer Selected by Microsoft and Parallels to Beta Test Windows Azure Pack

cloud-hosting-provider-windows-azureCloud hosting provider Ipeer, a Swedish company with 65 employees and offices in Karlstad, Stockholm and Bangalore, India, has been selected as one of five hosting providers in the world to beta test Microsoft’s recently released Windows Azure Pack technology and deliver it through the Parallels Automation cloud platform.

Ipeer’s clients range from smaller start-ups to large e-commerce sites, banks and international corporations. With Windows Azure Pack, the hosting provider expects to be able to offer public and hybrid cloud hosting plans with enterprise functionality, enabling its customers to extend their data centers into this cloud and to easily migrate virtual servers between clouds.

Self-service provisioning

The new Windows Azure Pack is built on Microsoft’s latest datacenter software, Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2, allowing Ipeer to deliver Windows Azure-consistent services from the Ipeer datacenter. The Ipeer solution, which aims to launch by mid-January 2014 as the first Windows Azure-consistent Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting solution in Scandinavia, will be delivered to customers through a new Application Packaging Standard (APS) package for Parallels Automation.

windows-cloud-hosting-ipeer-sweden“Building on the groundbreaking foundation of Windows Server and System Center, Windows Azure Pack provides multi-tenant, self-service cloud functionality that works on top of existing software and hardware investments,” said Eugene Saburi, General Manager, Product Marketing, Microsoft. “We are pleased that Ipeer is taking advantage of Windows Azure Pack to deliver a flexible and familiar self-service provisioning and infrastructure management experience to its customers.”

“Customers are looking for local, in-country hosting service providers to deliver the full portfolio of cloud services,” said John Zanni, chief marketing officer, Service Provider, Parallels. “Parallels helps hosting service providers, like Ipeer, speed their time to revenue and differentiate as the first in country service provider to offer the latest Windows Azure Pack from Microsoft.”