Swift 6: SEO before buying a domain or launching your site | 123-reg

Watch our Swift 6 to find out what SEO tasks you should be doing before you even buy a domain name or launch your website.

SEO is something you need to consider from the moment you decide you want to start an online business. It can help you determine which niche market it’s best to go into depending on the level of competitiveness. It can also hep you decide which domain name to choose to ensure your audience remembers your brand name.

We’ll also talk you through the pros and cons of having a CMS versus having a web designer hand coding your website for you, as well as things to consider if you’re planning to use images and video on your site. You will also learn about the importance of setting up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for your site, as well as why it’s still critical to get links to your website if you want to rank highly.

Have questions or want to share your own tips and advice on what other SEO tasks are important to take care of before registering a domain name and launching a new website? Use the comments section below or head on over to our blog: https://www.123-reg.co.uk/blog/

Duration: 8:8
Publisher: 123 Reg
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