Swift Six: 6 ways to engage influencers on Twitter| 123-reg

Watch this Swift Six video to learn how to engage and create lasting relationships with influencers on Twitter.

Influencer marketing is a key ingredient in the secret sauce of so many successful businesses using Twitter. Engaging with influencers on Twitter helps you to increase awareness for your brand, increase your online reputation, and hopefully attract more customers and grow your business.

But engaging with influencers, getting their attention and convincing them to share your content with their followers has one major requirement: a relationship which you have to build from the ground up.

In this video we’ll walk you through six ways you can engage influencers on Twitter and build a relationship with them, from the moment you follow them to the first steps in terms of having a conversation with them. You’ll learn how to get their attention and how to delight them to get them interacting with you, and having a conversation with you, which is what you’re looking for.

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Duration: 4:55
Publisher: 123 Reg
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