Switch Datacenters’ Newly Deployed Data Hall in Amsterdam Is Suitable for Open Rack Systems based on OCP Principles

switch datacentersSwitch Datacenters, a European provider of build-to-suit corporate data centers and enterprise-grade colocation facilities, announces that its newly commissioned data hall at their Amsterdam colocation facility, Switch AMS1, is suitable for Open Rack Systems based on Open Compute Project (OCP) principles.

The Open Compute Project (OCP) initiative originates with Facebook, while also Intel, Rackspace and Microsoft joined the OCP in an early stage. All Facebook’s data centers are now 100% OCP-ready. Also other industry giants – including Google, Cisco, IBM, Ericsson, NetApp, AT&T, and Lenovo – have joined the Open Compute Project.

The suitability of Switch Datacenters’ newly deployed data center hall for the use of Open Rack Systems means that this data center is able to have equipment based on OCP principles being deployed. More and more manufacturers are releasing OCP-specified equipment based on open standards – for enhanced energy-efficiency, operational cost-savings and bringing the agility required by demanding applications.

Located in a fiber-dense area with 460 available fiber optic connections and 40 carrier networks on-site to choose from, Switch Datacenters’ facilities in the Amsterdam region provide a total floor area of 24,220 m2 (260,701 sq. ft.) and 8,350 m2 (89,878 sq. ft.) of secured white space for cloud service providers and boost an average data center PUE of 1.1 measured over all sites, making Switch Datacenters one of the leading providers of sustainable data center space in Europe.

For more information about Switch Datacenters, visit: www.switchdatacenters.com.

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“As we intent to help drive innovation and build future-ready data centers, we chose to develop our new data hall in the Amsterdam colocation facility according to OCP principles,” said Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters, an official member of the OCP community. “With this innovative approach we expect to meet future ‘agile’ expectations from current clients including IBM, 3W Infra, PWC and PCextreme, and new customers alike.”

gregor snip switch datacenters
“Quite some large telco’s have adopted the OCP design principles already,” said Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters – an official member of the OCP community.

“Quite some large telco’s have adopted the OCP design principles already,” added Mr. Snip. “We’re one of the first in Europe, but soon other colocation providers will have to follow – as corporates will ask for OCP-specified data centers to deploy their IT infrastructures. Colocation data centers based on OCP principles will be designed for high energy-efficiency and scalability while reducing operational complexity. It ‘s the way to go to stay agile and adapt to changing conditions with regards to applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and online gaming. For an augmented virtual reality game for example, you really need to have an end-to-end agile infrastructure, from the data center till the server and network infrastructure.”

Switch AMS1 Expansion

Located at the highly connected Internet junction in Amsterdam Zuidoost, Switch Datacenters’ new data hall adds 10,763 square feet of colocation space to Switch AMS1 – a facility with Tier 4 specifications. The new data center has a power capacity of 2MW over 10,763 square feet of floor surface (1,000 square meter) while it features a highly redundant, 2N power configuration.

ocp colocation data centers
There are Open Rack V2 systems available onsite in Switch AMS1. Switch Datacenters has planned to deploy a European OCP demonstration center in joined cooperation with partner organization Circle B – a Dutch solutions provider closely related to Facebook’s server and storage supplier, wiwynn.

In line with the Open Compute Project (OCP) principles, Switch Datacenters has designed and deployed a highly modular, highly energy-efficient and simple to maintain data center layout (calculated pPUE = 1.04). An integral part of this layout according to OCP principles is Switch Datacenters’ recently developed and patented cooling technology that combines indirect adiabatic cooling with direct heat recovery in a highly scalable manner. Also, the UPS technology and power supplies deployed are in line with these OCP principles.

Key features of Switch Datacenters’ OCP-specified data hall include:

  • Open Rack V2 available onsite – innovative racks featuring high energy-efficiency levels, in line with OCP requirements.
  • Hot aisle containment – this setup results in thermal heat storage which is about 20 percent more efficient than a cold corridor layout.
  • Lithium-ion batteries available on rack level – this makes the use of a central, energy-consuming UPS obsolete while enhancing the redundancy of the infrastructure. In general, the power loss induced by a traditional double conversion UPS is about 4–5 percent.
  • Wiring located at the front sides of the racks – this way, engineers are able to perform their deployment and maintenance tasks at the cold site of the OCP racks.
  • Private suite options for 50 racks – with PODs of 48 racks based on OCP principles and two 19″ racks (Rows of 24+1).
  • Option for disabling UPS – although UPS power is available onsite, the UPS function can be switched off in line with OCP requirements..
  • Top-of-rack connectivity and electricity cabling – to enable top-of-rack switch technology in line with OCP principles.
  • No ramps in the data hall corridors – it makes sure that fully integrated OCP racks are not being obstructed when moved to the data hall.
  • Elevator suitable for 21″ OCP racks including pre-installed equipment– Switch Datacenters’ data hall has an elevator available suitable for 1450kg load.
  • Entrance height above 2,40 meters – suitable for Open Rack Systems racks including pallets.
  • High floor load capacity – in line with OCP requirements.

European OCP Demonstration Center

circle b ocpSwitch Datacenters has already planned to deploy a demonstration center in joined cooperation with partner organization Circle B, where European corporates, cloud and hosting providers as well as services providers may see for themselves what OCP might bring them. Circle B, a Dutch solutions provider closely related to Facebook’s server and storage supplier, wiwynn, plans to build on Switch’s colocation offering and show an end-to-end OCP-based total solution from this demonstration center.

The Open Compute Project Foundation is a 501(c)(6) organization which was founded in 2011 by Facebook, Intel, and Rackspace. Our mission is to apply the benefits of open source to hardware and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the data center and beyond.

Find out more about how you can participate in the OCP Community at: http://opencompute.org/participate.

About Switch Datacenters

Founded in 2011 by Dutch Internet and hosting industry veterans, Switch Datacenters is a European carrier-neutral operator of highly secured colocation data centers and build-to-suit corporate data centers delivering its enterprise-grade services to businesses of all sizes including some well-known large global cloud players. The company is focused on delivering redundant (2N), high-available (100% uptime guarantee) data center infrastructure with Tier 4 specifications to ISPs, systems integrators (SIs), cloud service providers (CSPs), and enterprise customers.

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