Swivel Secure Launches Cloud Based Authentication Platform, Swivel Cloud

Swivel Secure, a multi-factor authentication provider with regional offices in the US, UK, Spain, France and Germany, operating a worldwide network of channel partners, has announced the launch of its Swivel Cloud. The new solution is a dedicated cloud-based version of its authentication platform for SMEs and enterprise organizations.

The new Swivel Cloud platform would enable businesses of all sizes to easily apply multi-factor authentication to a wide range of business applications without incurring the capital expenditure (CAPEX) on infrastructure commonly associated with an on premise solution.

“Swivel Cloud has been developed in response to an increasing demand from our international customer base, channel partner network and the wider marketplace,” said Chris Russell, CTO for Swivel Secure. “Gartner predicts that by the end of next year, more than half of all enterprises will be looking for cloud-based user authentication services, but we are hearing something different: that they want them now. I can see why, too. SMEs need to control their capital expenditure on IT and enterprise organizations are seeking reassurances that their data will remain secure as they migrate into the cloud.”

secure-cloudSwivel Cloud supports both token and token-less environments, enabling customers with legacy investments in OATH token-based solutions to migrate to the cloud and to a token-less solution according to their own roadmap.

“We cover all the bases,” added Mr. Russell. “Our aim is to help customers strike the right balance between security and access convenience. Some, for example, still need to leverage their past investments in tokens, while also needing a more flexible solution that will support BYOD too. Swivel Cloud makes the proposition even more compelling because the migration CAPEX has been removed. Unlike some of the larger vendors, our platform is designed to flex to the customer’s commercial and technical needs, not the other way around.”

The Swivel Cloud authentication platform offers a wide range of deployment options for protecting web, VPN, VDI and cloud application gateways. Cloud Secure’s platform also offers customers the choice of mobile app, SMS and interactive voice response channels, together with PINsafe Swivel’s unique, patented one-time-code extraction protocol for when additional security is required.