Symantec to Deploy Multi-Megawatt Data Center With Vantage in Santa Clara

Vantage Data Centers (Vantage), a provider of data center solutions, has announced that Symantec Corporation, a Fortune 500 company operating one of the largest global data-intelligence networks, will deploy a multi-megawatt mixed-use data center with Vantage in Santa Clara.

The hybrid deployment, uniquely tailored to Symantec’s needs, includes both lab space and critical IT infrastructure. With proximity to Symantec’s Mountain View headquarters being of high-importance, Vantage was uniquely positioned to serve Symantec given its ability to accommodate a purpose-built, mixed-redundancy space.

“We’re hearing from a number of companies in the Bay Area that are looking to consolidate their lab spaces into a single location,” said Sureel Choksi, President and CEO, Vantage. “Vantage is very pleased to be partnering with Symantec on this hybrid deployment.”

vantage-data-centersThe combination of R&D with critical infrastructure called for Vantage Data Centers to create a customized data hall for the Symantec deployment. Since the redundancy typical of most data center arrangements was not critical for the company’s lab environment, Vantage designed a solution with only the essential capabilities required by the customer, providing an “N” (or non-redundant) power configuration.

For the production and critical infrastructure, however, power back-up is an absolute must. For this reason, Vantage designed a “2N” configuration for critical infrastructure alongside the “N” configured lab environment, altogether providing a bespoke multi-megawatt solution of mixed-power-use.

Data Center Campuses

With their labs consolidated to a single location, Symantec can now operate from a standardized place of deployment and with the ability to manage testing facilities in a controlled environment. This purpose-built data center solution would make possible significant leveraging of cost efficiencies and provide operational transparency for the company’s R&D data infrastructure.

As a result of strong leasing traction, Vantage has accelerated the expansion of its Santa Clara data center campus. Vantage is currently developing 9MW of additional capacity, scheduled for delivery later this year.

Vantage’s campuses in Santa Clara and Quincy, Washington include four enterprise-grade data centers totaling over 100MW of potential capacity. Vantage Data Centers is backed by Silver Lake, the global technology investing company with $23 billion in combined assets under management and committed capital.