T-Mobile First US Wireless Provider to Work with AWS on Joint 5G Offerings

T-Mobile AWS

To make it simpler for clients to find, configure, and deploy 5G edge computing solutions, T-Mobile and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to combine T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions portfolio with AWS cloud-based services and scalable, pre-integrated applications.

For businesses to fully benefit from digital transformation, there must be abundant network bandwidth and processing capacity available. Unlocking those capabilities could be difficult and expensive. T-Mobile and AWS work together to speed uptake and cut expenses.

Callie Field, President at T-Mobile Business Group
“With our flexible 5G network deployment options and AWS’s cloud compute capabilities, we can quickly provide customers a right-sized solution to make their applications perform like never before,” said Callie Field, President at T-Mobile Business Group.

“T-Mobile and AWS are coming together to do what industry-leading companies do best – make things easier for customers,” said Callie Field, President at T-Mobile Business Group. “Businesses need a combination of connectivity and compute that fits into their current infrastructure. With our flexible 5G network deployment options and AWS’s cloud compute capabilities, we can quickly provide customers a right-sized solution to make their applications – new and existing – perform like never before.”

Who it’s for? Businesses of all kinds who want to achieve “ground-breaking” outcomes, so the companies stated. T-Mobile and AWS have teamed up to add 5G access and AWS processing options to their array of 5G Advanced Network Solutions. As part of the new ‘Combined Private Wireless on Amazon’ initiative, they will also work together on customized, use case-specific products.

For example, watching worker safety on distant industrial sites, conducting preventive maintenance on production equipment, or ensuring quicker airplane turnover times at the airport are just a few examples of the unique use cases these products can help businesses with.

“AWS and T-Mobile share a common desire to work backwards from customer feedback to deliver innovation,” said Adolfo Hernandez, Vice President, Telco Industry at AWS. “One of the biggest challenges in galvanizing industries and revenue for 5G services has been the lack of flexible 5G solutions that meet the compute and connectivity needs for customers. Together with T-Mobile’s innovative suite of 5G Advanced Network Solutions and our Integrated Private Wireless Program, we have the power to meet customers where they are.”

AWS Telco Network Builder

At the same time, AWS has announced the general availability of AWS Telco Network Builder. It would enable communications service providers (CSPs) to define the specifics of their network (such as connection points, networking requirements, processing needs, and regional spread) in a blueprint that is submitted to the service using their known telco industry standard language. By converting the blueprint into a cloud-based network architecture and setting up the required AWS infrastructure, AWS Telco Network Builder would reduce the time it takes to launch a working, cloud-configured telecom network from days to hours.

Amazon Telco Network Builder would instantly modify processing and storage resources in response to client network updates, freeing CSPs to concentrate on daily operations and offer new services. Whether the network is operating on-site or in an Amazon Region, AWS Telco Network Builder would offer a unified interface for monitoring and managing it. Customers only pay for the AWS services used to run their network. There are no costs upfront when using AWS Telecom Network Builder.

AWS Telco Network Builder is currently widely available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (Paris). Additional AWS Regions would soon have access to AWS Telco Network Builder as well.