T35.com Launches Dedicated Servers With Multiple C-Class IPs

dedicated-serversHosting provider T35.com, headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, has launched dedicated server plans with multiple C-Class IPs for those looking to improve their SEO or for IP diversity. The new service allows webmasters to take advantage of up to 100 C-Class IPs and a total of up to 500 IPs per dedicated server

T35’s dedicated servers are designed to be SEO-friendly and allow customers to spread out their websites across various IP blocks. All dedicated servers provided by T35 come with a plethora of add-ons, DDOS protection, and various configurable options.

Dedicated servers, Chicago and New York

These dedicated servers are hosted in the company’s data centers located in the Chicago area and in the New York City area. Each server comes with real time MRTG monitoring as well as Cisco managed switches and multiple backbone up-links. The C-Class IPs can be managed, individually or as a block, from one server. The latter feature has been designed to help webmasters spread out their multiple websites easier and enjoy maximum SEO benefits.

In the event that customers are not completely satisfied with the standard features included in the package, T35 may offer them the opportunity to fully custom build the dedicated servers with the hardware specs and operating system of their own choice.

T35.com was founded back in 1997. The hosting provider has focused its business on providing top notch A, B and C-Class IPs.