T5 Data Centers Adds a Level 3 Fiber Point-of-Presence In Its [email protected] Colocation Facility

T5 Data Centers, a provider of multi-tenant data centers with a portfolio of facilities across North America, has announced that global telecommunications company Level 3 Communications will provide a fiber point-of-presence (PoP) at the company’s [email protected] colocation facility.

level-3[email protected] is a purpose-built, Tier III, server-ready data center that features multiple independent data suites occupied by various tenants. Enterprises would be able to take advantage of stronger service level agreements (SLAs), more available bandwidth and better service and support through the new access to Level 3‘s highly secure fiber backbone. Currently Level 3 is the only network services provider to have a PoP facility on-site.

“By establishing a PoP at [email protected] we can offer enterprise customers around the country faster, more reliable access to their critical data,” said Brian Dolan, vice president and general manager of Georgia for Level 3. “We recently expanded our network presence in the technology corridor Alpharetta to provide the local to global connection for the more than 600 companies working out of the area.”

Carrier-Neutral Colocation

t5-data-centersOne of seven colocation facilities across the United States, [email protected] has more than 100,000 square feet under one roof, including 55,000 feet of raised floor, with individual data halls, each separated by slab-to-deck, fire-rated walls for autonomous operation. The data center also has an installed critical IT power load of 6,000 kW, expandable to 9,000 kW and is fed by five separate substations; two of them on Georgia Power’s “Hi-Reli” system for mission-critical users.

“Although we remain a carrier-neutral colocation provider, we want to be able to offer our tenants a choice in telecommunications providers, including direct network access over high-speed fiber,” said Jason Chartrand, Executive Vice President of National Business Development for T5 Data Centers. “This new agreement with Level 3 puts us in a stronger position to serve regional customers with highly reliable colocation services.”