T5 Data Centers, RestorePoint Partner To Offer T5 Customers Data Storage Solutions

T5 Data Centers, a U.S. colocation data center owner and operator, has entered into a strategic partnership with enterprise data protection, virtualization and recovery provider, RestorePoint, to offer T5 customers data storage solutions.

As part of the partnership, RestorePoint will relocate its hosted infrastructure to the [email protected] colocation facility and offer enterprise data protection including data management, virtualization, backup and disaster recovery services to T5 Data Centers customers across the United States.

RestorePoint’s Data Virtualization platform, which leverages a single, physical, ‘Golden’ copy of production data, can be utilized for mul§tiple business use cases. Examples include Data Protection (backups), Business Insights & Analytics, Business Continuity including Disaster Recovery, and Application Development/Testing.

t5 data centersRestorePoint’s Data Archival and Object Storage platform would free up production storage by moving aged data to a lower cost storage platform for long term retention, and thereby reduces the need to buy more storage. RestorePoint offers scalable solutions that accommodate growing data storage and management needs using T5’s highly available and reliable data centers.

“Our customers look to T5 for highly reliable enterprise data center solutions, and through this partnership with RestorePoint we will now be able to offer turnkey virtualization, storage management, and disaster recovery services,” said Craig McKesson, Executive Vice President Enterprise Services for T5 Data Centers. “In fact, to demonstrate the power and versatility of this partnership, RestorePoint will be hosting its global data virtualization and protection platform at T5, starting with our [email protected] data center. We see this strategic relationship as the ideal way to offer business-critical data center services to our customers that align with the ever-changing needs of their business.”

Both T5 Data Centers and RestorePoint offer data support services that are suited for healthcare, insurance, financial services, education, engineering, government agencies or any organization with a critical data need.

T5 Data Centers currently has colocation data center facilities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Portland and Charlotte with new projects announced in New York and Colorado.