Taboola Expands Its Colocation Presence with INAP in Los Angeles

Native advertising and ‘content discovery’ platform Taboola, a company that was founded in 2007 with an estimated $1 billion in revenue last year, has expanded its colocation presence with listed hosting provider INAP in their flagship data center in Los Angeles.

To deliver its advertising platform to the world’s leading publishers and advertisers, Taboola requires “scalable, high-performance” colocation and network connectivity services. INAP’s high-density colocation data center solution would allow Taboola to efficiently scale its power allocation in tandem with the success of their platform.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Taboola,” said Andrew Day, Chief Operating Officer (COO), INAP. “When a customer like Taboola interacts with over a billion people, you need a trusted partner like INAP to ensure your network and data center infrastructure is in good hands.”

For Taboola’s data-intensive applications and workloads, every millisecond counts. INAP’s ‘Performance IP solution,’ powered by a patented route optimization engine, automatically directs Taboola’s outbound traffic along the lowest-latency path. At over 100 network PoPs worldwide, INAP’s ‘Performance IP’ solution would make approximately 500 million latency-reducing route optimizations every day.

New York City, Tel Aviv

In addition, with Taboola’s headquarters in New York City, and much of its technology team based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company would rely on INAP’s remote hands managed service for routine data center infrastructure maintenance.

“Taboola is pleased to expand our colocation services to INAP’s Los Angeles data center,” said Ariel Pisetzky, VP IT & Cyber at Taboola. “INAP’s scalable, high-performance colocation and network connectivity services are an important component for supporting Taboola’s growth as the world’s largest discovery platform. INAP’s support of high density compute allows us to reduce footprint and maximize efficiency of each rack.”

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