Tackling High-Value Business Problems Using AutoML on Structured Data (Cloud Next '19)

The vast majority of an enterprise’s operational data is stored in structured tables – and this data is critical to tackling your most mission-critical business challenges. In this session you will learn how you can now enable your entire team of data scientists, analysts and developers to automatically build and deploy state-of-the-art ML models on structured data at a massively increased speed and scale. Australia’s #1 sports broadcaster and media publisher, FOX SPORTS, will show how they used this new technology to significantly increase cricket fan engagement and product subscriptions with ‘wicket warnings’ generated by their creative predictive model. GNP Seguros, one of the top insurers in Latin America, will also show how they are using AutoML to predict car claim risk and healthcare fraud.

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Speaker(s): Tin-yun Ho, Jack Smyth, Chris Pocock, Enrique Ibarra Anaya, Carlos S. Perez

Session ID: MLAI210
product:Cloud AutoML Tables,AI; fullname:Tin-yun Ho;

Duration: 49:10
Publisher: Google Cloud
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