Take a Look Inside ‘German-Engineered’ Data Centers

Within a short period of time, Germany-headquartered data center owner/operator maincubes has rolled out two ‘German-engineered’ colocation facilities across Europe. What it means to be German-engineered? Let’s examine some maincubes engineering and company details and have a look inside these two data centers – in Amsterdam and Frankfurt respectively – by watching the videos that were produced lately.

Part of German construction conglomerate Zech Group, maincubes opened its very first European data center in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2017. Before that, already in 2016, maincubes acquired an existing data center in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands area, in Schiphol-Rijk to be specific. The Frankfurt facility is a greenfield development while the Amsterdam facility had to be modernized according to maincubes’ own ‘German’ engineering standards. Although the technical details of these data centers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt differ from each other on various points, they both could be entitled as ‘German-engineered.’

Albrecht Kraas, CTO maincubes

What it means, ‘German-engineered’ data centers? Well, first of all, the mastermind of maincubes’ technical infrastructure in both Amsterdam and Frankfurt is Albrecht Kraas, the company’s co-founder and CTO – an engineering and management veteran within the German and international data center industry. HostingJournalist.com recently visited maincubes’ facilities in Frankfurt and Amsterdam and had a talk with Mr. Kraas.  You can read the interview with Albrecht Kraas on HostingJournalist.com next week.

Another example of maincubes’ German-oriented engineering design can be found in their data center development strategy. Not only maincubes’ technical mastermind is German. The actual development for both maincubes data centers, the FRA01 facility in Frankfurt as well as their AMS01 data center in Amsterdam was coordinated by experts from the same German engineering & project management agency, ARGOS Projektmanagement GmbH – a company headquartered in Munich with branch offices in Frankfurt and Hamburg.

Although maincubes Frankfurt (FRA01) is filling up quickly, after maincubes signed up two DAX-listed companies as well as another high-profile customer active within automotive and telecommunications, their newly opened ‘German-engineered’ Amsterdam facility still seems to have some free space left, as they recently announced their offering of a 11,840 sq. ft. (1,100 sq. meter) private data center suite with a capacity of 1.7MW. Another private suite being offered in Amsterdam counts 9,687 sq. ft. (900 sq. meter) while able to support 1.3MW.

Take a look inside the maincubes AMS01 data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Low PUE, High Energy-Efficiency

As we all know, Germans are quite good at deploying the best engineering solutions in the world. Engineers trained at German universities are sought all over the world. Their car manufacturing industries deliver some of the best-engineered cars in the world. Also, German engineers are used to applying the highest data privacy and security regulation processes and technologies, as data protection laws in Germany are among the strictest in the world. In line with this, maincubes turns out to have developed its Frankfurt and Amsterdam data centers without taking any risks. Not for themselves and not for their clients.

Some risk avoiding ‘German-engineered’ details in maincubes’ Amsterdam and Frankfurt data centers include:

  • Extra redundancy in cooling and power (2N and N+1), just to be sure…
  • Strict security measures: Biometric security including palm vein (Frankfurt) and fingerprint (Amsterdam) scanning, as well as tailgating technology, silent nozzles, bulletproof walls, and metal poles for ram-raid prevention
  • Solid energy-efficiency techniques: Kyoto wheel cooling (Frankfurt) and Free Cooling (Amsterdam)
  • High technology investments: maincubes invested 10 million euros (!) to modernize their acquired data center in Amsterdam, Schiphol-Rijk
  • Energy-efficiency: their PUE figures are below or around 1.3, which is quite a good performance for the size of maincubes’ facilities
  • Personnel on site 24/7 in all maincubes facilities, to provide the highest security and maintenance levels
  • Certifications including ISO27001, EN50600 VK 3, as well as 100% uptime SLAs
  • A wide variety of carriers available onsite in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, to avoid any risk of bad-performing or expensive network paths

What the HostingJournalist.com editorial staff noticed, by the way, when visiting maincubes’ premises in Amsterdam and Frankfurt was their admirable humility towards the company’s high standards and ‘German-engineered’ data center development qualities being achieved. We’ve seen quite some data centers in Europe from the inside for example and many claim to have ‘ultra-low’ PUE figures, although sometimes we more or less know that the figures must be a bit exaggerated. maincubes in their Frankfurt data center shows its visitors a graph on the wall of their highest PUE figure: 1.3, although on average they manage to achieve much lower PUE levels by using the Kyoto Wheel technology. The same accounts for their Amsterdam facility. Again, for us, it’s a sign of German solidity.

Take a look inside the maincubes FRA01 data center in Frankfurt, Germany:

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