Taking the search out of search and rescue with SafeTrx and Azure

Learn how SafeTrx and Microsoft Azure helps rescuers act more quickly and deploy operations in a rapid, targeted way. Every year thousands of people are on the water in their leisure time. Most of the time there are no issues, but for some, having an emergency on the water with no plan and no idea of whom to call can be risky. Searching for sailors of small vessels like kayaks and kiteboards has historically been a challenge for Coast Guard and marine search and rescue agencies. As a result, hundreds of lives are lost worldwide every year. Thanks to SafeTrx, an Azure-based system that allows tracking and monitoring of even the smallest vessels, rescue operators have much more knowledge at their fingertips. Azure integration with existing rescue tools like weather and tides apps ensures secure, scalable performance.

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Duration: 2:29
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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