Talent for Cities: The Catalyst for a Digital-Ready Workforce in a Digital Economy

How will cities of the future realize the full potential of digitization and the Internet of Things if they don’t have the right army of talent to make it a reality? Who will build the cities of the future? The Meeting of the Minds http://cs.co/6054BN4z0 , Cisco, and the IoT Talent Consortium http://cs.co/6055BN4zF join forces to explore the convergence of digital transformation and cities, through the lens of human capital.

Join the upcoming webcast on September 13th, which will explore the public and private sector nexus and the role of cities (and citizens) in talent-based economic development. This first in a three-part webcast series will put the spotlight on the often underrepresented and complex issue of “talent”: the critical backbone for building the dynamic, digitally ready workforce for future connected cities, innovation, jobs, and economic growth.

Duration: 00:01:59
Publisher: Cisco
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