Talgo Case Study: Use Google Cloud IoT to Advance Railway Predictive Maintenance (Cloud Next '19)

In this talk, train manufacturer Talgo will explain how they are doing real-time ingestion data and predictive maintenance using Machine Learning and Google Cloud. Data is coming from devices integrated into high-speed trains and managed using Cloud IoT Core, with plans to deploy IoT Edge. Talgo will also show dashboards and how they make predictive maintenance and advanced repairing of faulty parts.

Advancing Railway Predictive Maintenance → http://bit.ly/2Ue45pn

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Speaker(s): José Antonio Marcos Alberca, Rafael Sánchez, PhD

Session ID: IOT200
product:BigQuery,Data Studio,Cloud Pub/Sub; fullname:Rafael Sánchez;

Duration: 44:16
Publisher: Google Cloud
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