Talis Clinical Builds Cleveland Clinic’s Anesthesiology Solution on Microsoft Azure

Talis Clinical was established in 2013 to bring to market a comprehensive anesthesia system developed at the Cleveland Clinic. From a custom-built, on-premises installation in all 300 operating rooms at the Cleveland Clinic, the solution evolved to a fully commercialized clinical product in the cloud, on Microsoft Azure.

microsoft-azureTalis Clinical has selected Microsoft Azure as the technology foundation of its ACG-Anesthesia clinical anesthesiology solution. ACG-Anesthesia provides real-time, pertinent information enabling clinically relevant care to be administered throughout the entire perioperative care process. Specifically, ACG-Anesthesia directs advanced clinical and operational guidance to the point of care and beyond to facilitate improved patient outcomes, documentation compliance and revenue cycle enhancement.

Because Microsoft provided an elegant solution while supporting the strict Talis Clinical security protocols, Microsoft Azure was a natural fit.


“In the operating room, anesthesiologists must manage hundreds of details about the patient’s condition to ensure the best possible outcomes,” said Gary Colister, chief operating officer of Talis Clinical. “Outside the operating room, anesthesiologists are frequently responsible for several patients simultaneously, across multiple rooms and caregiver teams. Microsoft Azure is critical to supporting ACG-Anesthesia. It allows us to support and monitor our patients with confidence and fewer technology resources so we can better support Talis Clinical’s applications.”

cloud-hosting-healthcareThe idea for an Anesthesia Clinical Decision Support System originated with David L. Brown, M.D., chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Anesthesia Institute, and also a commercial private pilot. Brown reasoned that just as pilots use avionics and moving map reminders to safely conduct a flight, an anesthesiology team should benefit from the guidance of a clinical decision support system to more easily manage a safe and successful surgical and anesthetic course.