Teaching and Learning Kubernetes: How to Onboard Teams to Kubernetes Successfully

Strategies for onboarding developer teams to Kubernetes successfully — learn how to organize, structure, and deliver Kubernetes concepts.

What You’ll Learn
– Core concepts and insights from DigitalOcean’s new Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers curriculum: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/curriculums/kubernetes-for-full-stack-developers
– How to onboard teams successfully by establishing knowledge baselines and effectively organizing, structuring, and delivering Kubernetes concepts.
– How to situate Kubernetes in a larger arc of application development and integrate it into an existing development workflow.

About the Presenter
Kathleen Juell is a Developer on the DODX team at DigitalOcean. She co-designed and contributed to the new Kubernetes for Full-Stack developers curriculum, and worked on migrating DigitalOcean’s Community Platform to Kubernetes. This talk is a blend of perspectives from both of these workflows.

Duration: 00:24:20
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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