Team building ideas – Climb Mount Snowdon

Welcome to Castell Cidwm, a one million pound country home featuring large, peaceful grounds and a two hundred acre lake. This is UKFast’s training property at the Snowdon Lakehouse, where UKFast trains its staff utilising state of the art facilities to take team building to the next level. Here is a taster of some of the activities that the intrepid UKFast team partake in whilst facing the elements in Snowdon.

In October 2008 UKFast took on the challenge of Mount Snowdon once again – this time with a new group of delegates.

From the super sporty to the vertically challenged, the whole team made it to the summit of Snowdon and back down again in a very respectable time.

It’s teamwork at its highest level where determination is the key to succeeding in such a gruelling climb. No UKFast team member has failed the test of Mount Snowdon. It is a testament to their strength, stamina and willpower. And it’s the reason UKFast is the best hosting provider.

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Duration: 2:26
Publisher: UKFast
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