Tech Predicitons 2016: Data – UKFast Round Table

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2015 was a year of game-changing developments in the world of technology. This week’s round table discuss the advancements from 2015 and predict the transforming technologies of 2016.

Data is huge and its importance to businesses continues to grow. The round table starts with the panel discussing if the way we process data is going to change in a big way.

This week’s panel are;

Jodi Birkett – Deloitte
Tom Cheesewright – Book of the Future
Elizabeth Clark – Dream Agility
Richard Hamnet – Response Tap
Matt Hunt – Apadmi
John Keefe – Draw and Code
Tim Langley – CANDDI
Dan Nolan – The eWord
Tom Simnett – In It For The

The Tech Predictions 2016 round table was hosted by Jonathan Bowers at the UKFast Campus, Manchester

Duration: 3:30
Publisher: UKFast
You can watch this video also at the source.